You’re taking the leap...

You’re taking the leap...

and finally putting your creative talents to work helping other businesses beautify their brands…
can I just say, it’s about time?!

Only one problem...this means

finding clients

putting together packages

keeping your ducks in a row…

and obviously delivering one hell of a finished product.
Amongst other things.
Hhmmm ---> That’s more than one problem.

Suddenly your creative juices aren’t flowing as freely with the overwhelm of all the business to-do’s staring back at you. Now what?

Now… you get to dive head first into The Business Blend, lady!


With my 8-week program, you’ll get everything you need to start, run and grow a successful creative business, without having to wave that little white flag in defeat.

Tell you more you say? Surely…

You’ll learn the in’s and out’s of:

----> Getting Started: Defining your ideal client, zeroing in on your niche and creating packages that make sense (and money!)

----> The Art of Attraction: Generating leads, screen clients and establish yourself as the must-have, go-to in your space.

----> Understanding the Dating Game: Setting up calls with prospective clients, creating proposals they can’t walk away from, and nurturing the relationship to ensure a yes. Trust me, it works!

----> Staying Committed: Onboarding your new clients, staying on track with effective project management systems and tools, and delivering a show-stopping finished product that will WOW the pants off every client- ALWAYS!

----> Keeping the LOVE Alive: Planting the gentle seed for a healthy referral pipeline, crafting testimonial templates and retaining clients for long-term business.

----> BONUS… because, why not?! We’ll dive into pricing, marketing your services and the systems that keep everything running smoothly.

Oh, and did I mention this all comes with weekly office hour calls, a private FB community, and LIFETIME access to everything inside The Business Blend?

Along with a whole sisterhood of fellow women biz owners, you’ll have me – Head Creative Techie Chick here at The Business Blend! Whether you need some guidance on who your ideal clients are or how to set up the perfect workflow, YOU'LL HAVE SOMEONE THERE TO HELP!

So Who Exactly is this Head Creative Techie Chick?

Oh! It’s me! Hi – I’m Sam! I’m the creative techie chick behind Neapolitan Creative and the creator and host of The Business Blend. I'm on this amazing business journey because I love:

  1. Providing for my family on my terms and schedule; and
  2. Helping other women entrepreneurs get to a place in their business where they can do the same!

I know that kind of freedom isn’t so far out of your reach and I love that I get to help you achieve it!

Even though my clients are global, my family and I are Cali-dwellers. (Though truth-be-told: we dream of moving where the cost of living is lower and the pace is slower...does that place exist!?) My husband and kiddos and I love to take road-trip vacations and snuggle with our 100-pound lap dog. I’m so blessed to have a family that I adore and a business that lights me up.


Nerd alert… the proof is in the pudding, right? Here’s what previous clients have to say…

When I decided to work with Samantha, I instantly breathed a sigh of relief. I had been working with a few website developers that just couldn't quite grasp my creative vision. Not only was she able to nail it, she did so with patience, guidance, and understanding. Since this was my first time creating a business site for myself, I really appreciated her honest perspective on all of the necessary tools. She is super knowledgeable and very easy to work with!


Samantha is a rare talent, that combines strong strategic thinking, creativity, and technical savviness to develop and execute compelling brands. She is commercially intuitive and really thinks beyond fads and trends. I've seen her over and over again, encapsulate brands in a way that is long-term and consistent. Samantha has helped me upscale my business and challenges me to be a better business owner. I cannot recommend working with her highly enough!


Thank you so much for your's like when I hit the panic button, I look for you because I know you calmly walk me to the answers...Technology is awesome and overwhelming. I am glad I have you to help me.


If you want someone who can help make your website dreams happen and come true, then make sure you hire Samantha Johnston.

The Boss Mom website brings me so much joy...I'm a busy entrepreneur and...[Samantha] was very proactive about the process. 

- Dana Malstaff, Boss Mom

Let’s Talk Investment:

This first round of the program will be done live!

Which means that until this timer runs out, you can get the full program at a HUGE discount!

"But Sam, I have some questions"

No problem! I have answers!

Surprised woman in glasses on chalkboard blackboard background

Do you offer refunds?

If you sign up, take a look around and decide it's not for you, send me a message and let's chat. Full refunds are offered within the first 24 hours of signing up.

What kind of access do I have to you?

You'll be able to reach me via the FB group, on our weekly office hours, via email and voxer.

How many tutorials and trainings are included?

The program contains 5 main modules with several bonus modules that are taught by myself and guest experts.

What if I need more support?

There are opportunities for paid upgrades such as intensive calls, mini branding sessions, and more. These are all offered to members at a discounted rate.